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Susana Walker is an original Artist in Atlanta who paints in oil, creating beautiful abstracts. She says: “Spending hours working on a painting allows me the freedom of, successfully or not, creating color shapes and forms that never existed before. When I finish a painting, it amazes me to realize that there is not another one like it in the whole wide world. That is simply a very special and satisfying feeling.”

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.” – Neil Gaiman

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Recent Works

Recent works by Susana Walker, some may have been sold. Be sure to visit the gallery to see all available paintings

Inspired by Landscapes

Inspired by Landscapes

Some of Susana’s painting are inspired by memories of her native country of Mexíco, while others are inspired by her travels across the world.

Varied Style

Varied Style

Susana’s style can be impressionism or abstract and sometimes is a blend of impressionism and abstract art.

Beautiful Abstracts

Beautiful Abstracts

Susana’s abstracts are at times inspired by the world around us and also by worlds beyond our own.

Perfect Gift

An original oil painting by Susana Walker is a great gift idea, for house warming, birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion and will last a lifetime.

Susana Walker was born into a large family of six sisters and two brothers in  Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. She first painted in Mexico in 1976.

She arrived in the United States in the early 1980’s with her two young children.

Since then, she has made the USA her home. Susana’s children learned perfect English in a matter of a few months. For Susana it took a little longer to learn the English language and she has retained a delightful accent. 

Once her sons  began attending elementary school, Susana attended the University of Tennessee Knoxville to obtain a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. Once completed, she continued her education to earn a Master’s degree in Education. To this, many years of teaching Spanish at all education levels followed. 

Her passion for art was discovered in her youth and since then she has been painting. She paints abstracts and landscapes in oil. Most of Susa’s paintings are done with a spatula to apply the colors which in turn form shapes and texture for each piece of her original signed worked.

We hope you enjoy her work.

Susana Walker

Susana Walker nació en una familia numerosa de seis hermanas y dos hermanos en Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. Pintó por primera vez en Mexico en 1976.

Susana llegó a Los Estados Unidos a principios de la década de los 80 con sus dos hijos muy pequeños. Desde entonces, formó su hogar en Los Estados Unidos.

Los dos hijos de Susana aprendieron perfectamente Inglés en sólo algunos meses. Para Susana fue algo más difícil, le tomó más tiempo y siempre ha mantenido un agradable acento.

Una vez que sus dos hijos fueron a la escuela, Susana decidió regresar a la Universidad para obtener su Licenciatura en Arte y más tarde una Maestría en Educación. Después de obtener sus títulos, trabajó como profesora de Español en todos los niveles.

Descubrió su pasión por el arte cuando era muy joven y desde entonces ha pintado. Susana pinta abstractos y paisajes en óleo. La mayoría de sus pinturas las hace usando espátula para aplicar los colores, de esta manera, ella obtiene formas y textura en sus pinturas.

Esperamos que disfrute su trabajo.

Susana Walker

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