Claudia Nery

Claudia Nery is an original artist  from Guadalajara Mexico who has found her own distinct style. Each of her artworks contain intricate patterns full of symbolism. She first lays a foundation by engraving the figures, then she paints on the design using ink, paint or both. Sometimes the background for her painting is textured. She is always looking for ways to develop new techniques and to cultivate new themes and is a master of all media. Each painting is a new adventure, as she moves from oil to watercolor, to mixed media, to acrylic, in a constant effort to stay fresh, constantly challenging herself by undertaking art from a new perspective.

Her paintings reflect a fusion of cultures, taking elements from Pre-Hispanic as well as African cultures, but there is also a cosmic element in her art with the sun and the moon being omnipresent throughout her creations. Her art is often referred to as mystical and offers the viewer a myriad of details to interpret.


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