Trisha Adams

The artist Trisha Adams didn’t start painting until she was 44 years old. Her artistic journey began innocently enough when she had an empty picture frame, and she decided to create something to fill it. Before she knew it, painting had become an obsession, leading her to where she is today.

Trisha Adams’ paintings are representational with a touch of abstraction. Her primary goal is not to reproduce “objects” faithfully; instead, she captures the interplay of colorful shapes. When stepping back from the canvas, these shapes gradually come together to form recognizable things, people, and places, creating a sense of enchantment.

Her paintings don’t strive for exact replication of what she sees; rather, she offers a unique perspective on subjects. Just as a writer carefully selects details and words to shape a narrative, Trisha curates the content of her paintings. Through exaggeration and deliberate editing, she aims to convey the visual delight of the scene.

Painting, for Trisha Adams, is a lifelong pursuit marked by continuous discovery and experimentation. She extends an invitation to others to join her on this artistic journey.



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